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5 Reasons to Love White Kitchens

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Many people believe the only color for the kitchen is white. They love the clean, fresh sanitary feel and the timeless, classic look. At Merillat, we love the versatility of white kitchen cabinets too. We offer hues ranging from our bright Cotton finish to creamier shades like Chiffon, which give you flexibility to create a white kitchen that complements your unique style.

1. White Is Timeless

White kitchens won’t go out of style. White cabinetry makes a kitchen feel clean, airy and bright – features that never go out of style. Plus, white is the perfect background color for almost any other color. With white cabinets you can get colorful with the walls, floors, countertops, back splash and accessories in your kitchen.

Merillat Masterpiece Laredo Maple Dove White Cabinets

Merillat Masterpiece® Laredo in Maple Dove White

2. White is a Good Choice for Small Kitchens

White works well for small kitchens because it is light and bright; making the space appear larger. This accounts for the white kitchen boom in apartments and cottage-style homes.

Merillat Classic Avenue Kitchen Cabinets with 5 piece drawer in Maple Chiffon with Tuscan Glaze

Merillat Classic® Avenue with 5 piece drawer in Maple Chiffon with Tuscan Glaze

3. White Gives You Flexibility

Temper an all-white kitchen with touches of other colors and textures. Incorporating white cabinets into your kitchen design will allow you to update the look of your kitchen without changing the cabinetry. Repainting the walls or purchasing new accessories in a different color will create a whole new look.

Merillat Classic Tolani Maple Chiffon Cabinets

Merillat Classic® Tolani in Maple Chiffon

4. White Works in Contemporary Kitchens

Using white with a slab door style offers a sleek, clean look. Pairing white cabinets with other white surfaces helps make a strong, contemporary statement in the kitchen.

Merillat Masterpiece Glencoe Laminate White Cabinets

Merillat Masterpiece® Glencoe in Laminate White

5. Selling Your Home? White Works

White is an excellent color for resale: It’s like a blank sheet of paper for prospective buyers.

Merillat Classic Bellingham Maple Cotton Cabinets

Merillat Classic® Bellingham in Maple Cotton

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