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Merillat® Cabinetry is Simplifying Cabinetry Accessory Purchasing

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By offering accessories online, Merillat Cabinetry is easing the accessory buying process and delivering on its promise to keep customers satisfied

ANN ARBOR – Merillat Cabinetry announced this month that many of their most popular cabinetry accessories will be available on a new website, Shop.Merillat.com for consumers, dealers and builders to purchase. With accessories to make storage spaces more comfortable, product specification information, and clear product pricing, Merillat Cabinetry is once more taking steps to ease the process of buying cabinetry.

“We understand the demands our customers have. We’ve been listening to their concerns. And this is just another way we are taking strides to improve their business.” Dan Smith, Director of Product Management at Merillat Cabinetry said. “We believe that the new website will eliminate several steps our customers would usually need to take in order to get simple additions to their cabinetry.”

The number one regret consumers have after purchasing their kitchen is not having enough accessories. By offering these accessories at shop.merillat.com dealers will have one more tool at their disposal to help better serve their customers. They can direct their customers to shop.merillat.com to easily find and order accessories for their kitchen that will be shipped directly to their home.

“Simplification means saving our customers time, effort, and resources.” Smith said. “We’ve already set the standard for cabinetry industry shipping models, and with the launch of this site, we are setting industry expectations even higher.”
The accessories will be available online starting the first week of April. Merillat Cabinetry is improving their customers’ business, innovating the cabinetry industry and proving once again why they are “America’s Cabinetmaker.”

For any questions, contact Alex Schillinger via email at Alexs@phiregroup.com or by phone at 734.332.4200 ext. 231.

About Merillat Cabinetry

Merillat Cabinetry creates sensible products for the kitchen, bath, or entire home. Founded in 1946 by Orville Merillat, the company’s success is built upon an unyielding commitment to customers, a dedication to a community of dealers, designers, and builders, industry-changing innovations, and cabinets that ship in days – not weeks.

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