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Tips to Achieve the Rustic Industrial Look: Blend Rustic Cabinetry with Modern Metal Accents

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Rustic industrial design has become one of the latest trends in the industry. It’s a blend of rustic wood, layered textures and industrial metals that all utilize the look of repurposed materials. The mix of natural beauty and urban metals has added a sophisticated edge to rustic design, making it more modern and interesting than ever before.

New Merillat Masterpiece products such as Rustic Maple and Rustic Cherry wood species, Vintage Patina finishes, Forged Metal inserts, wood knobs and Statuary Bronze hardware, all have the raw material appearance that fits into this trend. When creating a space with these products, try using a transparent finish to highlight the grain of the rustic cabinetry and balance that natural beauty with modern metal accents such as inserts, hardware, faucets and light fixtures. The metal accents will instantly sharpen the space, while the cabinetry will quickly soften it. Finding the right balance is a personal choice, but it’s an easy style to play with as everything is organic and blends together seamlessly.

Cimmaron Rustic Maple Kitchen in Husk Stain

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