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This kitchen shows the power of simple, clean design to make even the most hectic of lifestyles seem completely under control. Sleek modern lines, light-colored wood, opaque glass and bright chrome accents give the room a fashionable, high-tech look.

The smooth metal trim of the range hood, sinks, refrigerator and hardware provides an air of professionalism, with hints of a commercial kitchen, yet the light tone of the Maple Natural finish creates a calm, subdued feeling. While the cabinets hold plenty of volume, there is no sense of clutter.

Open Shelving at the end of the peninsula contributes to the breezy, open feeling. Higher up, along the wall, Fresco Glass Inserts in Aluminum Reverse Frame Glass Doors give a sense of openness, and seem almost illuminated from within. They open from the bottom edge for convenience. Above these glass doors, another row of Top Hinge Cabinet Doors offers easy access from any direction.

For maximum efficiency, side-by-side sinks allow two people to work together, splitting tasks like food preparation or washing up.

Even the simple brushed pulls of the drawers and doors convey a smooth, buttoned-down sense of control.

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Merillat Masterpiece® Epic Maple Natural

Merillat Masterpiece®


Maple | Natural

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