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This spacious, family-friendly kitchen offers both plenty of workspace and lots of areas for people to gather. Smart features abound, as this kitchen features both an island and a peninsula. With so many work and seating spaces, this kitchen allows for many people to comfortably be in the kitchen at the same time. The peninsula alone features seating, a cook-top, storage and ample workspaces on the countertop.

A Wall Plate Rack and Under-Cabinet Shelf add to the usefulness of the peninsula. Near both the large expanses of useful countertop space and seating area, these innovative storage solutions make it easy to put out plates for people sitting at the peninsula. This storage is also near the dishwasher, which makes it easy to put away clean dishes.

An island near the sink provides another workspace. Its proximity to the sink and cook-top make it a great area for prep activities like chopping, grating and dicing fresh ingredients.

Like all Merillat kitchens, it's the small details that add special touches. A Wall Angle Mullion Glass Door can be used for practical storage or it can be used as a fun place to display children's art projects or a favorite collection. Crown Molding completes the look.

Door Style

Merillat Classicâ„¢ Spring Valley Square Hickory Natural

Merillat Classic™

Spring Valley

Hickory | Natural

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