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Beauty. Storage. Great design. This kitchen has it all. Let's start with the island. Highly functional, it contains a Spice Drawer Organizer and Wine Cabinet complete with a scalloped Wine Rack and a Stemware Rack. Cabinets on each side add storage space as well as usable counter space on top.

The kitchen also features ample space to store and display china and serving dishes. A Wall Plate Rack is a great way to show off the pattern on your dishes. Plus, it makes it easy to put away clean dishes and set the table. Drawers under the Wall Plate Rack are a great place to store items like placemats, napkins and decorative table accents. Wall Cabinets with glass doors complete with inset lighting create a hutch-like effect, which makes the kitchen feel at once more upscale and homey.

We've also added plenty of smart storage features. Next to the stove, a narrow Single Door Base Cabinet without shelves is an ideal place to store baking sheets and cutting boards. Two Utility Cabinets near the sink and dishwasher provide ample storage for everything from canned goods to baking supplies.

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Merillat Classicâ„¢ Avenue Maple Natural

Merillat Classic™


Maple | Natural

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