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This kitchen was made to thrive as the center of a busy home. Family members can gather at the peninsula while the cook is busy at the island.

The central location of the stove helps minimize wasted steps and cut down on the time it takes to make a meal. Take a few steps in one direction, and you're at the refrigerator. Turn around, and you're at the sink. You can use the counter space on the bi-level island to cut, chop and stir. Or turn around and use the end of the peninsula to finish your prep work.

A desk area is another way to keep the family together. It's a great place for children to go online or do their homework while mom or dad prepares a meal. It's also the perfect spot for you to pay your bills, make grocery lists or research recipe ideas online. A File Drawer keeps paper from piling up on kitchen counters, and you can keep office supplies neatly put away in the Spice Drawer Organizers above the desk.

Door Style

Merillat Classicâ„¢ Avenue w/ 5 piece drawer Cherry Cider with Java Glaze

Merillat Classic™

Avenue w/ 5 piece drawer

Cherry | Cider with Java Glaze

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