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Just as the kitchen is undoubtedly the center of this home, the island is the center of this kitchen. An overhang on the island creates an inviting place to pull up a chair and visit with the other people in the kitchen. This large space can also be incredibly functional. It's large enough for you to be able to comfortably tackle ambitious baking projects and elaborate meals. It's also large enough to serve as a buffet when serving family and friends a casual brunch, lunch or dinner.

To set the island apart from the Cognac finished cabinetry of the rest of the kitchen, we chose Vintage Willow. It gives the room a slightly surprising twist that feels at once retro and new.

A hutch area gives you room to proudly display Grandma's china pattern or your wedding stemware. It also lets you keep wine close at hand while entertaining.

The cooking zone is surrounded by even more counter space and smart storage solutions.

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Merillat Masterpiece® Alina Cherry Vintage Willow

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Cherry | Vintage Willow

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