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To give this room a fresh, modern look we used the same door style, Fairlane, in two complementary yet contrasting wood species and finishes. The Maple in Burnished Praline gives the room a warmth and richness, a look and feel that's carried though in the pumpkin-colored paint on the walls. In bright, cheery contrast are Cherry cabinets in Vintage Canvas. To add even more interest, we included Palladia Mullion Doors in Vintage Canvas.

Decorative Accents like Crown Molding provide a design thread to the whole room while emphasizing the stunning visual effect of the staggered height cabinetry.

We also included many helpful storage solutions. A Pots and Pans Organizer pulls out to give you easy access to large and small cookware, while Drawer Dividers make it simple to keep utensils and accessories organized.

Door Style

Merillat Masterpiece® Fairlane Square Maple Burnished Praline

Merillat Masterpiece®


Maple | Burnished Praline

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