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Merillat Masterpiece®

Lucca Maple Rye with Cherry Vintage Onyx & Gallina Cherry Vintage Onyx

The Lucca and Gallina kitchen has the space and openness that is sought after in today's homes along with color to draw the eye. The kitchen design is perfect for serious cooking or entertaining.

  • Island End

    Island End

    The island in the kitchen features a Vintage Onyx finish. A striking accent, creating a beautiful kitchen center.

  • Hood


    This wood finish completes the look of the cabinetry. Perfectly tying in the wood species and door style of the rest of the kitchen.

  • Contrasting Beaded Back

    Contrasting Beaded Back

    A unique design element that works perfectly with open cabinets. The contrasting color calls attention to items on display, adding a subtle accent to a space.

  • Base Cooking Center

    Base Cooking Center

    Often cooking supplies are kept throughout the kitchen, never in one easy accessible location. This versatile cooking center provides utility and storage in one location, creating a dynamic storage center for homeowners.

  • appliance Garage

    Appliance Garage

    Appliances often clutter countertops. This innovative storage space is in easy reach, preventing homeowners from having to store appliance high or low in an effort to create more counter space.

  • Black Galaxy

    DeNova Countertops

    Merillat + DeNova. This granite Black Galaxy countertop is part of the ProCision™ countertop and cabinet installation process. Visit the DeNova area to learn more.