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Merillat Classic® Lariat in Cherry Paprika with Ebony Glaze

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THIS ROOM FEATURES: Merillat Classic™ Lariat in Cherry Paprika with Ebony Glaze

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Base Pantry Roll-Out

paprika with ebony glaze

Paprika with Ebony Glaze gives cherry wood a soft, subdued finish. Its calmer tone can help nearby woodwork with lighter or brighter finishes stand out.

Base Pantry Roll-Out

oatmeal with desert glaze

For a cozy finish on Merillat® Classic cabinetry, Oatmeal with Desert Glaze is a great choice for maple cabinets.

Base Pantry Roll-Out

spice drawer organizer

As drawers or open shelving, a Spice Drawer Organizer is a smart place to keep small items in any room. Store soaps in the bathroom, tools in a utility room, or spices in the kitchen.

Base Pantry Roll-Out

open shelving

Wicker storage baskets on Open Shelving create a warm, natural ambiance and add a rustic touch, while at the same time serving as excellent storage bins for loose items.


This kitchen just exudes warmth. Mixing light and dark finishes and getting creative with glaze options is a fantastic way to create an interesting space. It's also a great way to make sure a kitchen with small windows doesn't feel too dark.

The island creates a lot of visual interest and distinct workspaces by using cabinets in a variety of heights and finishes. The lowest section features small cabinets and also a Wall Lattice, which is a beautiful way to store wine bottles. The middle section includes a seating area. The final section of this jam-packed island has both a sink and ample storage. A Spice Drawer Organizer helps keep not just spices, but also small utensils organized and easy-to-find. The storage under the spice drawer has glass doors that are hinged on the bottom for a more unique look that is still extremely functional.

We've also created a hutch that looks like it belongs with the kitchen while remaining visually distinct. The Oatmeal finish with a Chocolate glaze visually separates and creates a vintage look that adds to the character of the room.

It's also the little things like the natural look of wicker storage baskets near the stove and the Wall Plate Rack that give this room so much warmth and personality.


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