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Merillat Classic® Portrait in Cherry Paprika

Product Description

THIS ROOM FEATURES: Merillat Classic™ Portrait in Cherry Paprika

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Base Pantry Roll-Out

estero molding

Estero Molding lends a classic, solid furniture-like appearance to cabinets and fixtures, with flexible applications that let you match many elements around the room.

Base Pantry Roll-Out

vertical spice drawer cabinets

Using Vertical Spice Drawer Cabinets, you can create attractive, innovative vertical stacks of cubbyhole drawers that store items close to the sink, yet keep them dry and out of sight.

Base Pantry Roll-Out

estero legs (bath)

Estero Legs give this bath sink and cabinets a unified, furniture-like look. The space under the island adds an appealing openness and lightness to the room.


A bathroom can be simple and uncluttered and still project a stately, classic sense of style. Using unexpected elements and leaving out expected but non-essential items, this design makes a lot of sense and takes up very little space. In fact, the elements give the impression of being one substantial yet simple piece of furniture while meeting all the needs of a bathroom vanity.

This attractive bathroom offers a feeling of openness, with furniture legs and an open space below the sink. The tabletop basin configuration eliminates the need for exposed plumbing below, and hints at the old-fashioned sideboard-washbasin arrangements of centuries past, but with a thoroughly contemporary flair.

The vertical spice-cabinet pillars flanking the mirror take on added depth when reflected in the glass, and the crown molding at the top adds to their prominence. Behind their playfully large, round pulls, the drawers offer privacy and keep items above and out of the way of splashing water.

The matching gray marble countertop and backsplash nicely set off the deep Cherry Paprika of the base and drawer towers, as well as the rich tones of the basin itself.


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