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Merillat Masterpiece® Marsett in Maple Canvas with Cocoa Glaze

Product Description

THIS ROOM FEATURES: Merillat Masterpiece® Marsett in Maple Canvas with Cocoa Glaze

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Base Pantry Roll-Out

Complementory Victorian and corbel valances

You can give a hutch extra personality by combining valance styles, for example, Victorian Valances in the lower open shelving below compatible Corbel Valances in the wall open shelving.

Base Pantry Roll-Out

glass front drawers

Cabinets aren’t the only showcases. Glass Front Drawers are a beautiful touch, and you can enhance their visual appeal by using them to store dry goods or something purely decorative.

Base Pantry Roll-Out

base cooking center

For the ambitious chef, a Base Cooking Center with roomy Base Pots and Pans Storage drawers can keep a great deal of equipment close at hand yet discreetly out of view.


This kitchen combines some of today's best kitchen trends with the charm of a country home. With its own sink and ample counter space, the island creates an ideal baking zone. A Base Cooking Center and Base Pots and Pans Storage keeps everything an avid baker needs close at hand. As beautiful as it is functional, the island is in a different, darker finish than the rest of the kitchen. This gives the room visual interest and helps set the island apart as a focal point.

The beautiful hutch area also exudes charm. The Cocoa Glaze gives it the look of a treasured and well-loved piece of furniture. While small details, like using a Victorian Valance in the lower open shelving and a Corbel Valance in the wall open shelving, give the hutch personality. Other special details include Glass Front Drawer Cabinets and Rosette Corbels under the Wall Cabinets with Bistro Classic Glass Inserts. While entertaining, consider using this space as a mini buffet.


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