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From design trends to our latest and greatest products, Sarah is here to answer your questions.

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Question: I'm remodeling my kitchen and prefer a painted cabinetry finish. What colors should I consider for the best resale value and longevity?
Sarah says: The quick answer is white, but really there is more to it. While it would be nice if color trends were consistent for years, what's popular across markets tends to change year over year. For example, four years ago I would have told you to use an off white such as Merillat's Masterpiece Canvas finish. This soft white actually still sells really well and is definitely important to consider in your palette thinking. However, the influence driving its popularity was the rise of Italian old world design. Today, modern design is growing in popularity - influencing an interest in a more pure white color. Pure white, such as Masterpiece's Dove White cabinetry finish, is universally popular worldwide, as noted by trend trackers in London this spring.

If resale value is your biggest concern, consider your home's architecture and the character of your neighborhood when making your selections. Respect the architecture and existing color scheme of your home, but don't be afraid to be a little different. You want your selections to relate well both within your home and in comparison to other homes in your market.

Ultimately, my best advice is to go beyond what's popular. Select the color you really love. When making your choice, consider a color that allows for quick updates and easy change-ups. Accents play an important role for the total look and can lend that splash of color that makes your space truly your own. I like to say that there are really no bad colors, it's bad usage of your selected color that affects its success and resale appeal.
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