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Merillat Masterpiece® Montresano in Maple Dove White (Painted)

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THIS ROOM FEATURES: Merillat Masterpiece® Montresano in Maple Dove White (Painted)

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Base Pantry Roll-Out


Drawers are always useful in a bathroom. Keep them where you need small items like makeup, combs and brushes, and it's easier to keep your countertops neat and tidy.

Base Pantry Roll-Out

rocks under glass vanity

A Glass Vanity Top gives you many decorating options. Natural stones under the glass are an unexpected way to give the room a bona fide natural touch.

Base Pantry Roll-Out

wine storage cabinet

Keep your bottles and wine accessories on display and in order in a Wine Storage Cabinet. While it’s perfect for wine, a Wine Storage Cabinet can also serve as an intriguing towel holder.


Dark and light. Curved lines and straight lines. Smooth surfaces and natural variations. This bathroom fully embraces contrasts. The innovative vanity top edge is made from an Oak shelf in Peppercorn. Under the smooth surface glass vanity top, we added a visual surprise - natural stones. The natural-looking curves of the sinks are the perfect companions to the rocks under them.

A Wine Storage Cabinet takes on a new role as a towel holder. A set of three drawers separates the space between the two sinks while adding storage for small items like makeup, combs and brushes.

The clean lines of the simple, modern hardware and faucets are sophisticated finishing touches.


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