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Perfectly Paired Vanities

Selecting the right cabinets is just one part of planning a remodeled kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or home office. To help create the best overall design for your home, we've made it easy to explore other elements of design plus current trends. Start by selecting the type of room you are designing.

"Family Friendly"
 Bathroom Vanity

You have kids. They have bath toys. And barrettes. And toothbrushes. You need storage, and lots of it!

"On Display"
 Bathroom Vanity

You like pretty things. Why shouldn’t you put them on display in the bathroom too?

"Simply Single"
 Bathroom Vanity

You’re all about getting in, getting out, and getting on with your day. Organize once, and you’re on your way.

"Luxe Life"
 Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom is your personal spa. Pamper yourself with the little extras that make you feel special.