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Merillat Mood Boards


At Merillat, we want to help homeowners realize their design dreams—no matter what mood they’re in. From relaxed, accessible looks to bold, lavish concepts, Merillat’s vast lineup of beautiful cabinetry and decorative elements can complement any style. If you and your customer are still early in the design phase and looking for a little inspiration, our mood boards are a great place to start. Below you’ll find six unique combinations that showcase the scope of Merillat’s capabilities and highlight how personal touches—like pairing unique hardware, materials or finishes with the same cabinet door—can lead to truly elevated designs.


Inviting Simplicity

Introduce clean, simple styling for cosmopolitan design concepts

Glenrock Dark


Convenient Comfort

Blend warm color and everyday function to strike a comfortable balance

Glenrock Light

Coastal Character

Marry unique styles and calming finishes to create a relaxing retreat


Cimeron Light

Upscale Refinement

Combine rich colors, materials and hardware to indulge in a luxurious look


Cimeron Dark

Classic Charm

Pair cool tones with classic styles for a pleasing, tranquil space

Sawyer Light

Accented Elegance

Join neutral finishes with distinctive accents to achieve a memorable, modern design

Sawyer Dark