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Two Cooks in the Gen Y Kitchen

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In the Gen Y Kitchen, It Takes Two (Two Cooks, That Is)

Are you a Millennial? Do you call Y your Generation? If so, you’ll likely be re-shaping and re-outfitting your home for many years to come. And you probably won’t want your mother’s kitchen. You’re creating ways to live that are uniquely your own.

Yet many of today’s kitchen floor plans, as you may be finding, are remnants of previous generations. They work best for one cook, with others standing and watching nearby. But Gen Y couples want to cook together, collaboratively, as partners. You’re a growing foodie tribe bringing good eats into your homes from your diverse experiences outside.

Your Gen Y kitchen, whether remodeled or built new, will remain your home’s most important room. It’s the place for fun, talk, work, and socializing. And that takes more than a simple cabinetry style or color selection. How your kitchen functions is what will set your design apart. Your goal is to create a Gen Y kitchen that cooks for two.

What does the two-cook kitchen need?

  • Two sinks – one for each cook.
  • A layout that lets the two cooks move back and forth between the main cooking surface and sinks without colliding.
  • A place for friends to join you in meal-making together. It’s entertainment!
  • Available equipment for multiple cooking techniques. Consider where to place the microwave, cooktop, and oven to allow both cooks to succeed.
  • Plenty of outlets, plus a flat-screen TV. Let music, or the big game, be a part of your kitchen design. This can double your fun in the kitchen.

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