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Decorative Enhancements 

Where Function Meets Fabulous

Complement your Merillat cabinetry with the look of elegant hand-crafted embellishments, including cabinetry legs and feet, trims, moldings, corbels and more—made of quality hardwoods and finished to match your cabinets perfectly. Use them throughout the room for an overall air of sophistication, or within a defined space to create a special focal point around a kitchen island, cooking grotto, or display area.

Drag the slider below to transform the kitchen from basic to to breathtaking. Click on the hotspots in the after photo to learn more.

hotspot.png hotspot.png
Hotspot 1 Corbels

Large Windmere Corbel

Two Large Corbels under the custom hood help to frame it and accentuate the flow of the staggered height cabinets on both sides of the cook-top.

Hotspot 2 Staggered Cabinets

Staggered Cabinet Height

Staggered Height Cabinets can add drama to a kitchen by adding visual movement throughout the room.

Hotspot 3 Window Shelf

Window Shelf

Using corbels and molding creates and interesting window treatment and highlights the view.

Hotspot 3a Glass Doors

Glass Doors

Glass doors on cabinets can give a room a more open, inviting feeling. With added decorative lighting, they also let you exhibit dishes, collectibles, or art objects that complement the style or color scheme of the décor.

Hotspot 4 Island Seating

Island Seating

Extend your Island by adding a seating area a place for the family to gather in the kitchen to eat, work or just enjoy conversation.

Hotspot 5 Range Hood

Range Hood Detail

Adding decorative molding to the range hood creates style and interest while blending the appliance into the overall décor of the kitchen.

Hotspot 6 Contrasting Finishes

Contrasting Finishes

Using contrasting finishes, adds depth and excitement to the room.

Hotspot 7 Open Shelving

Open Shelving

The open shelving on the island keeps the area feeling open and light, and stores books, dry goods, small appliances and other useful items right where you need them.

Hotspot 8 Rope Molding

Windmere Small Rope Molding

Adding small rope molding at the bottom of the wall cabinets helps tie the design together and create a finished look.

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Base Cabinet Treatments Corbels and Accents Wall Cabinet Treatments