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Islands & Peninsulas

An island of calm and order

An island breaks a kitchen up into zones and offers storage, work surfaces and a cozy gathering place.

So much more than a countertop

A peninsula offers you the versatility and space management of an island, but takes up less floor space.


Explore Islands


Explore Peninsulas

Exploring Your Options

An island or peninsula can dramatically increase the storage space and work surface in your kitchen. Merillat recommends working with a design professional to create your final kitchen layout, but it’s helpful to do your homework here first.

Take time to think about the space you have to work with and how you plan to use your kitchen. Then use the examples shown here to start imagining the size, style, and features of your own island or peninsula.

As you explore, you can follow the links below to learn more about your design options in the Photo Gallery, and how to use your Work Triangle and Kitchen Layout to best advantage.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

These Dreams Became Reality

See more than 100 inspiring examples of inviting, practical rooms made possible by Merillat cabinetry.

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Work Triangle & Kitchen Layouts

Work Triangle & Kitchen Layouts

Design Around How You Work

The best kitchens are designed around the work triangle—the space linking the three main cooking tasks.

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