Reviving an Aging Classic

Merillat and Danny Lipford collaborate on the remodel of an 84-year-old, Tudor-style home.

Before and After shot

The Kuppersmith Home Gets a Makeover

This Tudor-style home in Mobile, Alabama, was well-loved by the Kuppersmith family, who lived there for over 50 years. But aging had sapped some of the charm from this American classic. With no central heating or air-conditioning, outdated plumbing and wiring, and a tiny kitchen, it needed some expert care.

So Merillat teamed up with the TV show Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford to completely renovate the home. TV viewers watched along as it was transformed over 13 episodes into a beautiful, family-friendly space that retained its original character.

Welcome to the Kuppersmith House

Installing the Cabinets

The Big Reveal

Personalizing the Master Bathroom

How This Classic Came Back to Life

Danny Lipford and the Merillat designers added cabinetry throughout the home, in addition to the expanded kitchen and bathrooms. A drop zone with window seat by the backdoor, a bookcase with storage in the front entry area, built-in cabinets in the walk-in closets, and corner cabinets in the dining room added style and function.

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