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5 Ways to Create the Casual Lifestyle in Your Kitchen

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During the Great Recession, new homes came down in size, yet the kitchens didn’t shrink. That’s because the kitchen has become so central to how we work, play, and interact. It’s the place to be and do for casual living.

Here are five details of design that can accommodate your kitchen to the casual lifestyle:

1. Fewer Walls

Many homeowners are removing walls so the kitchen is more open to the entire home, not hidden away.

2. Fewer Wall Cabinets

The casual lifestyle can be a simpler lifestyle, so you may need less total storage capacity. This helps to open the views across and through your kitchen.

3. Floating Shelves

Open cabinets with floating shelves can help to relax the feeling of your kitchen space.

4. Shelving for Displays

By dedicating some shelves to displays, you can free your kitchen to a more personal style.

5. Furniture-style Island

An island can have the friendly feeling of furniture. Include open areas and seating niches – or even an accent leg or two – to encourage casual living in the kitchen.

Sarah Reep

Director, Designer

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