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Easy 'Out of the Box’ Cabinetry

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Easy to Select, Easy to Install, Easy to Love

As I consult with homeowners on their kitchen and bath designs, they sometimes express the wish to build their new cabinets from mixed and matched pieces. They believe this piece-by-piece approach will lend a more customized look. But then, when installation time comes, the homeowners can be dismayed to find a lot of loose parts. Many are installed wrong, or even upside down. It’s the worst feeling – though easy to prevent. 

Rustic Maple Kitchen in Husk

A factory-built cabinet, fashioned from the finest cabinet parts, comes out of the box, ready to install as a single piece. This speeds installation and minimizes errors. It also helps protect the many hours you’ve invested in your kitchen or bath design. 

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Factory-built cabinets spell E-A-S-Y in many ways. You can trust them to be:

  • Easy to order. You have many factory-built cabinets to choose from. Your designer, using the latest software, can simply drag and drop your preferred cabinetry styles and colors into your computerized design, for easy comparison and selection.
  • Easy to install. The complete high-quality cabinet arrives at your home, pre-fit and finished for faster installation. You not only save time, you can save money. A factory-built cabinet, in one piece, usually costs less than a bundle of individual parts.
  • Easy to love. Factory-built cabinets have fewer seams – and no need to make cuts – so they have a more finished look. Minimizing seams and cuts is especially important with painted cabinets, where separations can become more visible during installation. 

If I were to choose one word to describe factory-built cabinets, it would have to be: Easy!

Why make building your new dream kitchen or bath any harder than it needs to be?

When posting this blog last month, we asked our readers what whether or not they prefer factory built cabinets or do-it-yourself. Here are the results from the questionnaire (June 2017):


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