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Merillat Classic® Portrait in Maple Natural

Product Description

THIS ROOM FEATURES: Merillat Classic™ Portrait in Maple Natural

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Base Pantry Roll-Out

wall plate rack

A Wall Plate Rack is a great way to show off the pattern on your dishes and carry the woodwork of your cabinets to more places. It also makes it easy to set the table and put away clean dishes.

Base Pantry Roll-Out


An island doubles as additional workspace and a cozy place for people to connect. It also stores items right where people need them, yet out of sight. Set it at an oblique angle for a lively look.

Base Pantry Roll-Out

counter between utility cabinets

Placed between two Utility Cabinets, a Countertop creates a surface area separated from the main work area counters. It's ideal for displays, storage, or a cookie tray.

Base Pantry Roll-Out

utility cabinets with roll-out trays

You won’t have to reach back into your Utility Cabinets when you have Roll-Out Trays. They bring the shelf contents out to you, and slide in and out quietly.


This room achieves a sense of airy lightness with a phenomenal amount of storage space. One of the most impressive features of this space is the innovative island. The suspended cabinets and two posts draw the eye upward to the open space above the worktop. The cook top on the island is surrounded by countertop space, which gives the cook plenty of room for all utensils, ingredients and cookbooks.

One wall of the kitchen is filled with great storage. Four Utility Cabinets with roll-out trays make it easy to stay organized. In between the tall storage area is a countertop. Away from the main work areas, this countertop space is ideal for decorative items. Or make the area more functional by placing beautiful storage containers for keeping baked goods and other homemade treats both fresh and easily accessible. We've also included Wall Cabinets with glass doors and inset lighting to make sure this wall of cabinetry maintains a light look and feel. It's also a lovely spot to display favorite dishes, art, glass or pottery.

We've employed a similar design strategy with the wall of cabinets directly behind the island. A Wall Plate Rack gives visual interest and a needed touch of lightness to a block of Wall Cabinets.

A beautiful play of light and dark, the black flooring and cabinet tops provide a needed contrast to the light natural finish of the cabinets.


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