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Merillat® Classic: SoftAction+ Technology

Silent, graceful, gentle. Every time. Introducing the revolutionary SoftAction+ Technology, exclusively available on doors as an option and standard on drawers for Merillat® Classic cabinetry with Deluxe construction.

SoftAction+ Drawer Technology

  • Integrated into drawer construction
  • Not available as accessory

SoftAction Door Technology

  • Optional accessory for doors only

This unique drawer mechanism includes a one-of-a-kind compression feature that regulates the drawer movement, with virtually silent closings every time. No matter how soft or hard you shut the drawer, SoftAction+ creates a smooth motion, protecting drawer contents and eliminating rebounding.

SoftAction brings the same elegance of motion to the cabinet door. The small and easy-to-install compression mechanism creates deliberate and ultra quiet closings, making slamming virtually impossible.

SoftAction+® Drawer Technology

SoftAction® Door Technology


Whether it's barely closed or slammed shut, SoftAction+ ensures that the drawer will regulate to a slow, easy movement, allowing the drawer to gently close itself.


SoftAction+ closes without slamming or rattling the contents. It is virtually silent and effortless.

*SoftAction+ for drawers is only available on Merillat® Classic with Deluxe Construction.


SoftAction creates remarkably quiet closings, preventing slamming and cabinet door bounce back.


With a simple turn of a screw, SoftAction can close slower or faster depending upon your preference.