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5 Bathroom Storage Solutions to Simplify Your Daily Routine

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From the early morning rush to prepare for a busy day ahead to brushing your teeth and turning in for the night, your bathroom gets plenty of use every day. That’s why a well-organized vanity is the key to making the most of your bathroom’s space. Here are our five favorite bathroom cabinet storage solutions that can help keep your bathroom organized and simplify your life.


Vanity roll-out trays help you easily access bath products stored in the back of your cabinets without the needing to crawl on your hands and knees to reach them. 


You read that right!  A spice drawer insert in a vanity drawer is a great way to keep make-up or other small items organized and in sight. 


vanity hamper roll-out, keeps dirty clothes out of site, but can easily be removed to carry your laundry to be washed or sorted.


Including a tambour storage cabinet in your vanity allows you to keep frequently used items close at hand yet hidden from sight. Include an outlet in your tambour unit for even more versatility.


The top-mount vanity double wastebasket can be used for trash and recycling, or for trash and as a linen hamper.

When designing your vanity think about how you use your bathroom every day and choose the accessories that can help your daily routine run more smoothly. 


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