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Planning for Your New Kitchen

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When planning your kitchen project, there are four main topics for success. Taking the time to plan properly will not only save you time and stress, but will also help you make the choices that truly fit your lifestyle.

Project Scope

Generally speaking, a kitchen remodel can be broken down into two main project types:

  • Remove and replace
  • Remodel

In a “remove and replace” project there are no major modifications to the basic kitchen layout. This type of project simply involves removing old items and installing new ones in their place. For the kitchen, this typically includes some combination of flooring, countertops, cabinets, appliances, sinks, faucets and lighting.

A “remodel” project, on the other hand, includes major reconfiguring of the kitchen design for improved functional layout, additional storage, new dining space, updated electrical and plumbing needs and more. In short, major remodeling is recommended when your objectives cannot be realized within the existing four walls.

Establishing the depth of your kitchen renovation needs will help you narrow choices as you move through the remaining project planning steps.

Product Selection

Once design style, functional requirements, scope and investment have been established, the task of product selection will be much easier. Knowing where to splurge and where to scale back to get the most return on your investment takes a bit of thought. In our experience, it is worth considering reaching out to design professional to help you make some choices.

The strongest visual statement in your new kitchen design will be made by your cabinetry selection. It will also have the most impact on your wallet, as the largest portion of an average kitchen project is usually in the cost of cabinetry. Whether you select Merillat cabinetry, or another brand, there are some important considerations in choosing your cabinets:

  • How many options and features are available for your dream space?
  • What is the warranty on the products?
  • Does the manufacturer stand behind their product?
  • What do you get for your investment?

Ultimately, the products you select should be of the best style and quality.

Design Options

Your kitchen design choices affect the look of your home. Good design is scalable. If the level of investment is a concern, there are a number of ways to personalize while scaling back features and cost.

For example, choosing a less costly cabinet door style can still embody the look you’re striving for with thoughtful placement of details such as columns, glass doors, moldings, hardware, etc. Creative use of color and accent pieces to dress up the space will also make an impact on your vision.

If you are struggling with the design and/or planning of your kitchen project, consider hiring a design professional. They do these projects every day and can help with the hard choices.

Professional Services

The final consideration in your planning is who will help you with your project. The service people you employ are actually the most critical in terms of project investment because kitchens are typically built from scratch on site from a set of blueprints and literally hundreds of parts and pieces from a wide variety of suppliers.

With so many suppliers and service people involved such as your designer, cabinet manufacturer, shipper, appliance distributor, countertop fabricator, contractor/installer, carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc., any number of errors can be made during the course of your kitchen project. Such errors can add stress, frustrating delays, or considerable dissatisfaction with the overall project.

Choosing skilled professionals to design, plan and implement your project can make all the difference in delivering a successful vision.


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