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3 Great Reasons to Choose White Cabinetry

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Kitchen fads may come and go, but white kitchens trends seem to never go away. A timeless look and universal appeal, that is great for homes of all ages, sizes and styles. Here are the 3 top reasons why white cabinets are a popular choice.


White kitchens can act as a blank canvas for any other color. Any color would look great paired with white, even sharp, bright or very dark colors. This makes it the ultimate neutral. White cabinets can be combined with your favorite colors on the walls, floor tiles, counter-tops and accessories. This makes it versatile for change as well; adapting to any style or ease change of future remodels. They also create the ideal backdrop to show off a spectacular piece of furniture or favorite piece of art. White cabinetry can compliment any style perfectly. 


White cabinets make a kitchen feel clean and fresh, because the color white is associated with cleanliness. White cabinets are by no means more sanitary than any other color or tone, but they do give that perception. Fresh and clean are the words most people want to associate with meal preparation and cooking. 


White kitchens always look the largest, even if space is limited That’s because white reflects light, telling our brain that the room is larger, even when it’s not. White kitchens are a popular choice for small kitchen layouts.

When posting this blog last month, we asked our readers what kitchen finishes they prefer. Here are the results from the questionnaire (April 2017):

Tell us why you prefer the finish you chose?

"It never goes out of style."  (White)

"I don't like the starkness of white and you see it everywhere! If you love something, go with it. A kitchen remodel is too much of a hassle to put in cabinets you like and are "safe." I also think that unless you choose an extreme color like red, potential buyers aren't going to turn up their noses at a color that isn't white. BTW, I work at a Merillat dealer in NC, Carolina Kitchen & Bath in Greensboro and write their blog for them. Here's a post I wrote (under Peter's name) about white cabs and here's a post I wrote about neutrals lean toward three types of finishes: Light wood, Beige/Cream and Gray)

"Current cabinet color." (Dark Wood)

Keep an eye out for our next blogs. We're always looking for your input! 

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