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7 Ways to Avoid Renovators Remorse

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  • Never sacrifice walkway clearance to accommodate a bigger island; 36” is the minimum for clearance. Being able to move freely through your kitchen is much more beneficial than have a larger island.
  • Check appliance specs and clearances. Make sure your refrigerator doors will not hit walls when opening, or provide obstruction to cabinets and other appliances.
  • Centering the sink on the window gives a nice balanced appearance, and makes for a pleasant view while working at the sink. 
  • Whenever possible, install the dishwasher directly next to the sink. This is most efficient, not only for cleaning up, but also for hooking up water lines. 
  • Use a hood that vents to the outside of the house if possible. This allows for quick removal of smoke and smells. 

  • Use a cabinet front as a side panel, to create the look of a cabinet. This will disguise the angle, and create extra storage. 
  • Corners can sometimes be hard to access in a kitchen. Make sure to use accessories where they’ll be beneficial; like a blind corner pull-out cabinet, or a lazy Susan, if space allows.


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