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Top 6 Ideas For Designing a Country Kitchen

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Country Kitchen

If you prefer the charming ambiance of a traditional farmhouse kitchen, there are many ways to easily achieve the warmth and nostalgia that are defining characteristics of country kitchens. From exposed wooden beams to antiques, wicker baskets, and heirlooms, every element that goes into designing a country kitchen reflects what you’ll get out of it. 

Rustic Cabinets


Naturally occurring knots and mineral streaks, provide a different feel, try Cimmaron in a light finish such as Husk.


Consider open shelves. An open concept visually expands your kitchen, and provides an alternative storage solution; especially for display-worthy  décor and cookware that fits your country aesthetic.

Open Shelving


Most people may associate natural wood tones when imagining a country kitchen, but an all-white color scheme is just as welcoming. 


A staple of the country kitchen, a farmhouse sink is both stylish and functional. Pair a traditional porcelain sink with matching hardware, or go for a more modern look with a double bowl design in stainless steel.

Country Sink


Timeless, elegant and easy to install, beadboard paneling is reminiscent of cottage-style kitchens. 


A butcher block countertop combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. If treated properly, a butcher block countertop is both durable and long-lasting.


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