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The Connected Kitchen

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In the Connected Kitchen, Plan for Tidy Charging Space and Device Storage

Today’s average household has six connected devices. Some have 15 or more. And while many devices are small (smart phones, tablets, laptops), you need to manage their power and connectivity – especially in the kitchen, where so much of living takes place.

Think of all we now do online in the kitchen. Check recipes, pay bills, stream shows and movies, look in on the big game, face-time with our family and friends …

A convenient charging space – or two, or three – is now practically a necessity in your kitchen. Device storage is important too. This lets you keep your technology, with its unsightly tangle of plugs and cords, neatly hidden until needed. It also protects your devices from splashes and spills.

Plan not just for traditional kitchen functions, but for all connections required. Designate spaces for device usage, storage, and charging. Provide enough ports at each space to power multiple devices. Carefully consider plug-in locations to keep power cords from roping off access to key kitchen tasks – or even creating hazards. 


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