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No Skimping on Storage

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Never Too Many Places to Stash Things – So No Skimping on Storage!

Cabinet storage can be key to a kitchen design both beautiful and functional. In selecting your cabinets, you’ll want to leave as little space as possible to waste. This requires a very careful investment. If you budget too tightly now, you can miss out on the newest cabinetry storage features that can save you greatly over the longer term.

Pull-Out Trays

Homeowners often say they have the most post-purchase regret when their kitchens fail to function as well as they expected. Insufficient cabinet storage is a common complaint. So how to plan well for storage? Here are some approaches …

Glass Inserts
  • Choose today’s technology to get the best you can buy for your years of use. For example, full-width trays perform better and are easier to clean with concealed glides.
  • How do you prefer to store items? In a drawer? Or behind doors? Drawers or doors – Design your kitchen to how you live from day to day.
  • Tiered drawer storage holds two sets of silverware in one top drawer. That’s a lot of storage for your money.

Homeowners are happier when they choose more drawers. It’s well worth the extra cost.

Rely on your kitchen designer to help you make good storage choices. Ask not just what storage you’ll get, but also what storage you’ll give up, by sticking too strictly to budget.

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