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Merillat Kitchen Planner

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This tool is designed to help you come up with a kitchen floor plan for your account project that you can bring to your designer, as well as help you visualize your new kitchen using CGI technology. This plan will be your first draft moving into your kitchen planning process. Your designer can help you figure out whether your plan will work with your space and the available fixtures. Think of this as a chance to create a visual wish list, and have some fun.

*Merillat Kitchen Planner not compatible with Internet Explorer. For optimum performance, please use another internet browser like Chrome, Edge or Firefox when using the tool.


3 Easy Steps

1.) Choose the Dimensions of your room.

  • - Input width, height, and depth.
  • - Rotate schematics 360 degrees in all directions.
  • - Convert Line Drawings into 3D textured CGI.

2.) Decide on cabinets accessories to place within your layout

  • - Choose from hundreds of options within the Merillat Classic® catalog.
  • - Measure out sizes and space solutions that work for you and your family.
  • - Place appliances accordingly, based on the layout of your kitchen.

3.) Choose door style, finish options and harware

  • - Decide what styles match your tastes in design.
  • - Choose from hardware collections within our Merillat Classic® catalog.
  • - Change your mind as much as you'd like!
  • - Save and share your designs with your spouse, family, housemate, designer, or friends!

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