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Wood Characteristics - Important Information

Important Information about New Cabinetry.

Acclimation Period

We recommend that you allow your new cabinetry to acclimate itself to the environment of your home for 30 to 60 days. During this acclimation period, you may notice some shifting of doors that may make them appear to be warped or bowed. This is a normal occurrence, as the wood in your cabinetry expands and contracts, as it adjusts to its new environment.

Do not try to fix a door if it appears warped or bowed during this acclimation period. Please wait until at least 60 days pass, as it may take this time for your cabinetry to settle into its natural form and shape.

If, for some reason, your new cabinetry does not properly settle, please contact your builder, designer or dealer professional. The Merillat® Team will resolve the issue with the best possible solution.

Wood Characteristics

Individual distinctions are part of the beauty of any wood product. These naturally occurring variations create a sophisticated charm that makes your cabinets one of a kind. Much like fine leather, glazed tile or even precious gemstones, each piece of wood has its own unique traits. The type of soil the tree was grown in, the weather, even the amount of moisture and sunlight have effects on graining and induce delicate color variations.

The Natural Aging Process

As with other natural materials, wood cabinetry will gradually darken or mellow in response to aging, lighting and UV exposure. Most likely, you'll never notice this subtle aging process, unless, in a few years’ time, you compare your cabinets to brand new ones.