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Standard Base Tray Kit

4 Stars

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Product Description

Please refer to the size chart below

  • Add a second tray for better storage and even more functionality in your kitchen.
  • In your base cabinets you can install one tray at the bottom of the cabinet and one in the center - these will keep you from crawling on your knees to look for something in the back of the cabinet.
  • The kit is simple to install and includes all necessary hardware.
  • Measurements listed are the width of the tray.
  • To measure, open the door and measure the width of the cabinet opening to ensure proper fit. Base Tray Kits are for Merillat Classic 24" Deep Base Cabinets ONLY. Note: Any cabinet over 27" with a center stile will need 2 trays ordered.

Looking for something more premium? Check out the Merillat Masterpiece® Deluxe Dovetailed Roll-Out Tray!


*For use with Merillat cabinets only.

*Not compatible with Merillat Masterpiece, Merillat Essentials or Merillat Basics products, or Merillat cabinetry purchased prior to 1998.

Item Tray Width For Use In:
BTK12 8 3/4" B12, B12FH, BCD24DL/R-4D, SB12, UB12, UB12FH 
BTK15 11 3/4" B15, B15FH, B30, B30FH, BCD30DL/R-4D, DSB30, SB15, SB30, SB30FH, U158424, U159024, U159324, U159624, UB15, UB15FH
BTK18 14 3/4" B18, B18FH, B36, B36FH, B54, BCD36DL/R-4D, DSB36, SB18, SB36, SB36FH, U188424, U189024, U189324, U189624, UB18, UB18FH
BTK21 17 3/4" B21, B21FH, B42, B42FH, SB21, SB42, SB42FH, UB21, UB42, UB42FH
BTK24  20 3/4" B24, B24B, B24FH, B24BFH, PBBC24/27, PBBC24/27B, B48, B48FH, SB24, SB24B, SB24FH, SB48, SB48FH, U24824, U248424B, U249024, U249024B, U249324, U249324B, U249624, U249624B, UB24, UB24B, UB24FH, UB24BFH, UB48FH, UBT24B
BTK27 10 1/4" BBC39/42
BTK27B 23 3/4" B27B, B27BFH, SB27B, SB27BFH, UB27B, UB27BFH
BTK30B 26 3/4" B30B, B30BFH, SB30B, SB30BFH, U308424B, U309024B, U309324B, U309624B, U30B, UB30BFH
BTK33 13 1/4" B33, B33FH, BBC42/45, DSB33, SB33, SB33FH
BTK33B 29 3/4" B33B, B33BFH,SB33B, SB33BFH, UB33B, UB33BFH
BTK36B 32 3/4" B36B, B36BFH, SB36B, SB36BFH, U368424B, U369024B, U369324B, U369624B
BTK36/39  7 1/4" BBC36/39
BTK39 16 1/4" B39, B39FH, BBC45/48, SB39, SB39FH, UB39FH
BTK45 19 1/4" B45, B45FH, BBC48/51, UB45FH



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  1. Base Cabinet Pull Out Trays 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 25th 2019

    When we purchased our house, it came with Merillat cabinets and pull out trays in the upper level of the base cabinets. We purchased 8 more of these to install in the lower level of the base cabinets. The trays are very well made, The installation could not have been easier. The holes in the back of the cabinet are predrilled. All it takes is one screw per tray slide and they are in and working. Great product.

  2. Same Great Product as 20 years ago. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 21st 2019

    My husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen.To keep cost down we used the existing cabinets but refaced them. After looking at products that are currently sold in stores, I decided to check online to see if I could purchase products from Merillat. I had them in a house I had built and sold 20 years earlier. I purchased various size tray kits over the past year. All have been of great quality. I did have some damaged trays,but all were addressed immediately and new ones were sent out. Installation was easy and they look great. I would definitely put Merillat Cabinets and accessories in any remodel I do as well as recommend them to any builder, friends and family. Thanks for producing great products over the years.

  3. Ease of Installation and Convenience or Use. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 12th 2019

    Excellent Product. Excellent Service from Vendor.

  4. Shipping damaged goods 2 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 12th 2019

    I ordered 3 drawers. The first drawer came and it was perfect. The other two drawers came later and both were damaged. Merillat was kind enough to send replacement drawers and these were also damaged. There were wrapped better but I don't know what the shipping companies are doing but one had a cracked side panel and a bent side slide rail. The other had deep scratches on the top front surface and one of the mountings for the end of the slide was missing. You would think that since these drawers are so expensive that they would have better quality control to make sure all the components are n place and to put something to protect the corners. I'm like OMG why is this so hard to do right.

  5. Easy Install 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 18th 2019

    Wife and I purchased a townhome that had Merillat Cabinets in the Kitchen but NO trays. Ordered from the Merillat Web site with not issues. Customer Service was very helpful over the phone. The trays were "VERY EASY" to install. The trays allows for the cabinet space to be used in a more efficient manner the space is now very organized. Most importantly Wife Loves Them!
    Happy Wife...Happy Life :-)

  6. Ease of Installation and Convenience or Use. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 12th 2019

    Being a senior citizen with back issues, I love the convenience and wast of the pull out shelves.

  7. Well designed 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 20th 2019

    There were no trays in the cabinets in a house we purchased that had Merlllat cabinets. After pricing a a wire version and a carpenter built custom version, I decided to order the tray kit from Merillat. The boxed trays sat in the garage for 2 weeks as I dreaded what I thought could be a complicated install. Once I set to task I realized how quick and easy Merillat made the process of installation. The longest time involved opening the box, unwrapping the components and clearing out the cabinet. The pre-drilled holes at the rear of the base and the attached plastic connector to the rails as well as the pre-drilled holes on each side at the front to secure the rails made the whole install a breeze taking less than 5 minutes. The installed trays are solid and roll in and out very smoothly. Kudos to the folks at Merillat for the well thought out design for Harry the Not So Handyman.

  8. Confusing but wonderful 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 15th 2019

    Had we not had input from a neighbor who had installed similar shelves, the process would have been more frustrating and slow. The directions are of little use. And over half the "equipment" is useless or unnecessary, which we did not know. But, once we were advised of that, the process of simple and the result is the wonderful part.

  9. good product, terrible instructions 4 Star Review

    Posted by on May 24th 2019

    After the company lost my order it was eventually found and shipped six weeks late. The base tray kit is well made and was wrapped very well with no missing parts. The extra parts included (for an alternative installation) lead to confusion with the installation since there were no instructions included except a few cursory notes printed on the plastic "miscellaneous parts" bag. Warning: do NOT push the non removable plastic attachments into the pre-drilled holes without being 100% certain of the location since repositioning them is not possible.

  10. Useful and Easy DIY Project 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 30th 2019

    My wife wanted a lower roll out shelf in one of our Merillat base cabinets. Merillat sells a tray kit which makes this project very easy. The base cabinet was already pre-drilled to accept the tray guides. The guides come with attached fasteners that just push into the holes in the back of the cabinet, and the front end of each guide is supported by a single screw that goes into the pre-drilled hole at the front. The installation couldn't be easier.

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